Christian in Relation to Doctrine


I. Truthfulnes about the doctrine
Man-made doctrine – Mark 7:6-13, Rom. 10:1-3, Rom. 1:21-25
Biblical Doctrine – God’s teaching 1Cor. 1:30

II. Treasures of Doctrine
1. Treasure of security v.1
a. Peace with God v.1
b. access to God v.2
c. joy in the glory of God v.2
2. Treasure of right knowledge v.3
a. joyfulness v.3
b. patience v.4
3. Treasure of hopeful attitude v.4
a. expression of love v.5
b. Christ has done good in us
c. Christ died for us v.6
d. Christ is the expression of love of God v.8
e. We were made justified with GOD v.9
f. We are reconciled with God v. 10

III. Business in Doctrine
1. We ought to learn to study doctrines of the bible
2. Be strong and establish ourselves in the doctrine
3. Stand in the doctrine Eph. 4:14-16

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