Reverend Pastor Caesar Escalona Hernandez was born on November 1, 1951 in Ragay, Camarines Sur. His parents are simple town residents; his father, Florencio Hernandez is a farmer and his mother, Dinay Magdalena Escalona Hernandez is a plain housewife. He was the seventh of the eleven siblings namely: Vivencio, Leonardo, Libanio, Cecilia, Bernardina, Delia, Caesar, Feliciano, Antonio, Teresita, Romeo, and Danilo. He was raised in a Christian family, so he grew with fear in God. That’s why he has the highest respect to his parents.

Pastor Caesar spent his early childhood years in helping his father, together with his siblings, in farming and other farm works in the rice fields, cornfields and coconut plantation. As typical native kids, they enjoyed playing “taguan” (hide-and-seek) and “baril-barilan” (shooting game) during their free time. They also love fishing in the brook after attending Sunday school. His life revolves on these, until God called him into salvation through his uncle Pastor Fortunato Hernandez.

He was saved when he was twelve years old; baptism, the first step in following God’s will, followed. He became in the church and served as an active youth leader of the Young People’s group for two years. A remarkable event followed when he surrendered his life to the Lord in a youth camp in Iriga. After finishing his secondary education, he went to Manila to enter the Bible School.

rev_caesar_hernandez_oldPastor Caesar was seventeen years when he started schooling at Bethany Bible College on 1971 but stayed there only until 1973. While he was studying there, he stayed in Sta. Mesa but continued to attend Sunday worship. Also, he’s been active in some church works in Sta. Mesa such as driving to and from the church the children who attends the church and house-to-house Bible studies in different areas. During his stay in Manila, he sustained his daily needs as a working student.

On the year 1972, Pastor Caesar met Carol G. Hernandez, his wife. A year after, they tie the knot on January 27 and was blessed by their first born, Ebenezer Hernandez.

After Bethany, he transferred Bible schooling at International Baptist College in Mandaluyong on 1973 and finished it on 1976. Following his graduation, he was sent to Bataan by Pastor Gavino Tica to become an Intern Pastor at Lighthouse Baptist Church. He served in the church, where worship services are conducted in the house of a church’s member, from 1976-1978.

God brought them to Inicbulan, Bauan, Batangas after serving his two-year internship in Bataan. The main goal of this transfer was to start and build a church ministry in this place. Their family stayed for a while at Inicbulan Baptist Church where he got the opportunity to serve as a Pastor for six months. Pastor Caesar worked on a certain scheduled set-up; he walked and traveled around the areas of Batangas to win souls during weekdays and Saturdays. Furthermore, he taught and shared the Gospel during Sundays.


In 1978, Pastor Caesar started the ministry in city of Batangas. He was ordained as a Pastor in Malabon by Pastor Gavino Tica and another ordination followed in Batangas City. Of the same year, in the month of September, Pastor Caesar led the very first church service in the mission place at Vergara St., Batangas City. The mission house was originally bought as a house in a parcel of land from his wife’s uncle.

The life in the ministry was never been so easy because of the different problems they encountered during the first years, especially in the financial aspects. In the late 1980’s, a pastor from Vietnam in the name of Pastor Routh arrived at the church and helped Pastor Caesar in the ministry. Pastor Routh has been generous in supporting them; giving Pastor Caesar a love gift amounting to P50.00 and P75.00 to his wife Carol. This is one of the means that God has provided the couple to continue in the works of the ministry. Aside from this, they used different techniques, tactics, and strategies to be able to share the Word of God and Gospel of Christ which include house-to-house visitations. His goal of letting them knows Jesus Christ resulted to an average weekly attendance of 100.

In 1981, the mission was formally organized as a local church and was named Good Shepherd Baptist Church. Pastor Tatay Abante led the church organization. As God blessed them with more and more souls, they came to a point of the necessity of transferring in a bigger place in South Elementary School to accommodate all the attendees which were crowding at Vergara’s church.

About 1982 or 1983, Pastor Caesar found and established a Bible School, the Good Shepherd Baptist Theological Institute, which aims to teach and train the workers of Christ. In the same year, God has given the church led by Pastor Caesar a new place in Arce Subdivision, Hilltop, Batangas City. It was a fruit of deep prayers; God has answered his pleas for the church. A worship place made of sawali was built in this place.

Pastor Caesar traveled to and visited America together with Pastor Routh in 1985 and 1989. During these times, God blessed them again with two children; Aileen Gay and the youngest, Brian.

As the GSBC ministry grew through the years, several daughter churches emanated; churches were established within barangays of city and other towns which includes Sorosoro, Bauan, San Jose, Lemery, Alitagtag, Rosario, Sto. Tomas, Rosario, Libjo, Ibaan and Tulo. GSBC also became a member of Baptist Mission Partner (BMP) in the late 1990’s.

In 1990, aside from daughter churches, Pastor Caesar focused in the works of evangelization in the city and towns of Batangas. New missions were established in areas of San Pascual, San Miguel, Tinga Labac, and Tanauan. He also flew, together with his wife, to America for the deputation of the HELP BMP.

Pastor Caesar planned to put up a Christian academy for elementary students in 1999. Thus, Good Shepherd Christian Academy of Batangas was established; with the goal of not just teaching the minds of the children but also to mold them in the teachings of God and reach out the souls of the parents.

From the year 2000 and onwards, the ministry led by Pastor Caesar continuously grew and expanded. Granddaughter churches was born from the churches which started from GSBC. At the same time, the Hernandez’ family grew in numbers as their children, Ebenezer, Aileen Gay and Brian built their own households.

A very sad 2011, full of grief year, was experienced by the family of Hernandez and the whole GSBC when Pastor’s wife, Carol, succumbed to death. In spite of this heartbreaking and lonely life event, Pastor Caesar remained steadfast; served and continuously serving the living God and committed to use his life for the glory of His Holy Name.

Up to this present time, God continuously blesses the life of Pastor Caesar Hernandez, his family, and the ministry that He entrusted him. A surrendered life to the Lord blessed him ten (10) daughter churches (not including granddaughter churches which emanated from the ten churches), four (4) missions, three (3) outreaches, and two (2) campus ministries in different areas of the Province of Batangas.

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